If people don’t have buy in and you’re just telling them what to do, they are not engaged. -Angelo Ponzi

Fractional services is one of the most interesting and potentially exploding models in the next 10-20 years. How can we get immersed in the client and get buy-in if we’re not working with them 100% of the time? How do we take a more collaborative approach as we sell ideas and strategic advice up the line to the rest of the C-suite and sometimes down the line to the people we are supervising? What would make the fractional service model easier to deliver and easier on the expert at the center of it?

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On this episode, Fractional CMO, Angelo Ponzi shares insights on going into a company on a fractional basis and a senior level, and how to make the model more effective.

3 Things We Learned from Angelo Ponzi

  • How to thrive by offering fractional services
  • Keys to balancing client expectations
  • How Angelo has used market research to gain an unfair advantage

About our Featured Guest:

Angelo is a Fractional CMO, Brand Strategist, Market Researcher, Speaker and Podcast Host. He has extensive, practical, hands-on experience in marketing, branding, advertising, research and sales. I have worked in a multitude of industry segments and brand categories including B2B – technology, industrial/manufacturing, payments processing, as well as B2C – food/beverage, restaurant, action sports, packaged goods, financial, healthcare and retail among others.

Go to https://www.theponzigroup.com/ for more information, Connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeloponzi/ or check out his podcast here http://businessgrowthcafe.com.

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