Closeness with the client is what leads to project success. – Alex Berman

Marketing, sales and production are the three key roles in a professional services business, and finding our X Factors within these roles is fundamental to success. Why do we struggle to generate leads? What’s the formula for writing a cold email that will convert into opportunities? When we pitch ourselves to potential clients, how do they judge us if they can’t know our technical skill?

On this episode, Experiment 27 chairman, author and podcaster Alex Berman shares lessons he’s learned running an agency and working with clients.

3 Things We Learned from Alex Berman

  • Alex’s strategy to leverage existing clients by attacking a micro-niche with case studies and cold email.
  • The key staffing change that now keeps their clients engaged and happy during the experimentation phase.
  • How Alex has built a team around him that allows him to focus on what he does best, including his YouTube videos and podcast.

About our Featured Guest:

Alex is the chairman of Experiment27, founder and producer at Lorelia Pictures, author and podcaster. Go to for more information or follow @alxberman. Check out the aptly-named Alex Berman Podcast on iTunes

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