The efficiencies of trying to grow a huge agency and doing it with a team in-house is not the future, it’s the old way of doing things. -Adrian Boysel

In the past, ministry had to be both a lifestyle and a livelihood. Now ministry can be a lifestyle and something we wrap our coaching and consulting around. Why is this shift such a good thing for us? Why is it so necessary to shift from just doing the thing, to coaching on the mindset or consulting on the strategy behind the thing? What’s a big mistake agency owners make, and how does it affect our brands and lead generation? What are some of the business roadblocks that come from being raised in church and having a life of faith?

On this episode, agency owner, and faith-based business podcaster, Adrian Boysel shares on building his brand, his walk in faith and business, how Jesus is the driving force of his work and building an efficient agency.  

3 Things We Learned from Adrian Boysel

  • The trends causing Adrian to shift from implementation to strategy work
  • How Adrian’s integrates his personal faith into his agency
  • Why Adrian moved his local radio show to a podcast and the increase in results he’s seen as a result

About our Featured Guest:

Adrian is a faith-based business podcaster, influencer, speaker, award-winning brand identity designer, and strategic growth coach & consultant. He is the host of the Project Grow Radio Show podcast.

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