If you’re a business person and you’re publishing a book, the book can be one of your greatest marketing assets and you should be using that book for the rest of your career. -Adam Witty

Writing a book is one of the most powerful ways for us to build authority and sell what we do. What are some of the ways self-publishing benefits authors, and how can taking the hybrid route bring even more to the table? Does going for the traditional publishing option mean we don’t have to worry about marketing the book ourselves? What’s the difference between a book that creates more demand for us and one that doesn’t?

On this episode, I am joined by Advantage Media Group CEO, publishing expert and author, Adam Witty to talk about different types of marketing, why marketing a book is a marathon not a sprint, and the power of creating a book that stands the test of time.


3 Things We Learned from Adam Witty

  • How to use bounce back offers and quizzes to get book buyers into your database
  • How to use hybrid book publishing to get all the benefits of traditional publishing without the headache
  • The 2 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make, especially when their goal is to scale

About our Featured Guest:

Adam is a publisher, author, speaker, philanthropist, founder and CEO of Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Advantage Media Group, and ForbesBooks. Advantage Media Group is an international publisher of business, self-improvement, and professional development books. Adam has worked with dozens of dentists to help them write, publish, market, and monetize a book to grow their practices. Adam is co-author of The Book Itch: Is There a Book In You? Adam has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Fortune magazine, and on ABC.

Go to https://advantagefamily.com/, http://www.adamwitty.com and connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamwitty.

Buy Adam’s book Authority Marketing: How to Leverage 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership to Make Competition Irrelevant on Amazon.

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How to Get Featured On the Right Podcasts & Leverage Outside Audiences to Grow Your Business

Right now your competitors are out there….

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Speaking on stages
  • Appearing on webinars, virtual summits and YouTube series

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