I read something this morning that hit me because it ties into my last post – how we allow little data points of fear and uncertainty to hold us back.

I know what I want to do. You probably do too.

In True Professionalism, David Maister gave his take on why professional firms struggle to do things they should do:

“Because it takes a well-thought out program of investing non-billable time to perform this activity – and most firms aren’t organized to do such projects.”

So there’s two elements there, and I’ll put them in my own terminology:

1. Hard Mental Thought
2. Timeblocking

It takes time and hard mental thought to analyze those little data points of fear and uncertainty, and work through them till I hit a solution.

It helps me to think of each of those little data points as small problems to be solved.

So I’m working on a simple little 3 step formula for moving forward:

1) List each data point of fear and uncertainty (hard mental thought)
2) Schedule time to research and problem-solve (time blocking)
3) Work through each data point on my list till I’ve solved each small problem (hard mental thought)

If I followed that simple formula consistently, I’d make a lot more progress.