There are unlimited options to grow your audience, especially when it comes to social media. Here are the 9 highest-impact strategies to grow your podcast audience based on my personal experience and client experiences across multiple industries.

Guest Podcast Interviews – Appear as a guest on related niche podcasts or big podcasts where a segment of the audience may be interested in your show. Keep in mind that sometimes if a podcast has a very focused niche audience, that audience is more likely to be avid podcast listeners who will check out your show. For professional help booking podcast interviews, we recommend Interview Valet:

Speaking engagements – Speaking allows you to deliver your message straight to an audience of potential listeners. Make sure to include your podcast in your bio, so your podcast is mentioned in all event promotional materials, and have the Emcee mention it when you are introduced. Seed your speech with a couple references to the podcast and give a call-to-action to subscribe to the show. Preferably combine this with the next strategy.

Lead Magnet Giveaway – Create a Content Upgrade or Lead Magnet that is compelling to your target audience and valuable enough for them to pay for, but give it to them for free in exchange for their email. It’s critical to drive them to a lead magnet and NOT just promote your podcast. You want permission to follow up and send the latest episodes.

Highlight Clips – Give people something to easy to share. If you’ve ever tried to recommend a podcast to a parent or older friend, you know how hard it is to explain how to get a specific podcast episode. And what if your favorite podcast starts with 5 minutes of ads or chit-chat before getting to the good stuff? Creating a Highlight clip of the best 2-3 minutes of an episode gives your audience an easy way to share your content, raise their status online and help you reach more people. Right now you can upload those clips straight to Facebook and boost them, we’re getting video views for 2-3 cents each.

Facebook Groups – Start a Facebook Group around your podcast and invite friends and new connections to the group. Make sure you stay active in the group, curating content and posting original content, not just promoting your episodes. Here’s a great resource for tips on running a killer Facebook Group:

Facebook Live – You can broadcast your podcast on Facebook, including syndicating your live broadcast to multiple pages and groups using LiveLeap. (This is how my own show – Real Estate Uncensored – gets 1000-1500 views within a couple hours of the live broadcast.) An alternative is to use Facebook Live to take questions for upcoming guests, share your takeaways from your latest interview, and much more. The sky’s the limit here, anything you could create a video or blog post about can now be done as Facebook Live. Check out LiveLeap at

Build Your Email List – Great marketing starts with a great list, so the better and bigger your email list, the faster you’ll grow your podcast audience. Many of the podcasts you see hitting New & Noteworthy in iTunes in the last few years include big names like Digital Marketer, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss, all with established brand names, existing audiences and large, active email lists. Here’s an excellent list of ideas for building your email list:

Traditional PR – Use services like HARO to connect with reporters, journalists, bloggers and show hosts who may feature you in their content. For a great program on how to use traditional PR on zero budget, check out

YouTube – Record your podcast on Zoom or Skype with video so you can post full episodes and Highlight clips to YouTube. Make sure to post the transcript or show notes in the YouTube description and optimize the title and tags to get the most search juice out of each video. Check out the YouTube channel for my show to see how we’ve optimized our videos and playlists for YouTube search.