Book the Right Guests

Invest the time to build 2-3 Ideal Guest Profiles. Research potential guests and make sure they fit one of those profiles. Sort them by Name Guests and Content Guests. Name Guests are big names that draw eyes/ears to your show. Content Guests aren’t as well known but deliver massive value to your audience. On Real Estate Uncensored, 4 out of our 5 most popular episodes are Content shows with no big name guests.

Give Tactical Content Quickly

This concept took a while for me to stumble across, and it’s just my opinion. I believe that when it comes to grabbing attention and hooking people into your podcast, tactics beat strategy every time. I try to give people a small dose of practical, actionable content as quickly as possible in any interview. On Real Estate Uncensored we do this by answering questions from a Facebook Group within 2-3 minutes of starting the show.

Position Yourself With Great Questions

“Marketing is best when it demonstrates rather than when it asserts.” Rather than tell your audience that you are an expert, deliver thoughtful, insightful questions that demonstrate that you’re an expert.

Give A Compelling, Memorable Call-To-Action

If you don’t ask people to take action, they won’t. If you want to build your email list, sell more products, service or drive people to a strategy call or your latest live event, give them a compelling reason to act. Then make it easy for them to take action with memorable URL’s, YouTube cards and CTA links to your key landing pages.
Nurture Relationships with Previous Guests

If you interview the most influential people in your industry, don’t let those relationships go cold. After the podcast recording, ASK how you can provide value to them. SEND them a thank you email, handwritten note, perhaps even a gift. LOOK for ways to bring value to them on a regular basis, through introductions to other podcast hosts or other influencers in your space. This has been one of my greatest lead generation and conversion strategies and brought many incredible opportunities, including speaking engagements and joint ventures.

Promote Your Podcast At a High Level

You may not have high download numbers, but you can execute on a high level. Care enough about your podcast to promote it well, and give you guest the tools to help. We provide all our guests with Promo Emails, Promo Graphics and Quote Graphics, on top of the standard links, to give them everything they could possibly need. We also promote their episode to our audience – using those same materials – at a high level.

Provide Easy-To-Share Chunks of Content

Many interview podcasts, including some of my favorites, start with 5 minutes of ads. Who’s going to sit through that if they aren’t already a fan? Give your audience excerpts, quotes, clips, samples or other bite-size chunks that are easy to share and consume on social media. We publish 2-3 minute Highlight Clips of our podcast, which we then upload natively to Facebook and boost to target audiences to put our show in front of new people online.