I’m fascinated by the power of questions.¬†

The right question can make the solution so obvious I wonder why I’ve been so dumb to overlook it.

So here are a couple questions I’ve been playing around with and often ask myself when I’m planning my week.

  1. What new habits or changes am I installing this week that will get me closer to my goals?
  2. What new system, checklist or process am I creating this week that will make next week easier, more productive and effective?

I think I stole the second one from Mitch Russo, the author of The Invisible Organization, from a podcast interview. I love this question because it forces me to think in terms of systematizing what I do. For anything in my business that has to be done more than once, I want to create a system for it.That system will make it easier, more productive and more effective the next time around.

These questions also help keep me focused on doing things that move the needle, the projects, habits or systems that actually propel the business forward.