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How It Works

Broadcast your interviews live or record them behind the scenes – we do the rest for you.

Create your podcast brand identity
Design your podcast artwork
Build your custom podcast blog
Brand & optimize your social media
Export your email database(s)
Reconnect with your contacts
Optimize your branded YouTube channel

Professionally edit your interview
Write a high-quality, keyword-rich article
Create an optimized YouTube video
Create a shareable Highlight Clip & Mini Article
Syndicate to iTunes & Stitcher
Promote new episodes on your social media
Promote new episodes to your email list

What’s the Best Mix of Content for a Podcast?

Having a great podcast enables you to expand your network, meet influential people, build relationships that lead to referrals and joint venture opportunities while giving you instant credibility by association.

Here’s what we recommend for your episodes:

*Interview influencers and thought leaders in your industry

*Interview people in your sphere of influence – nurture critical relationships*

*Interview current and past clients – create testimonials*

*Do a solo episode – go straight to your audience & deliver your message*

You’ll hit each type of content that makes up a successful podcast.

Best of all, it’s a recipe for a sustainable, successful weekly podcast that builds an audience and impacts more people.


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